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The line side of the Control of the grounding switch is from the front of the switchgear with manual operation, and optionally, can also be motor operated. page, since here every stuff is quality based information. Switchgear essentially consists of switching and protecting devices such as switches, fuses, isolators, circuit breakers, protective relays, control panels, lightning arrestors, current transformers, potential transformers, auto reclosures, and various associated equipment. Historically, spark gaps with air insulation were used as surge suppressors. With this vision & his perseverance, the group companies were established later. As the voltage level is high the arcing produced during switching operation is also very high. The thermal current-carrying capacities and the fault-withstanding capabilities are … These components are rated in accordance with relevant requirements, as well as expected mechanical and electrical loads. I think the admin of this web site is really working hard in favor of his web Vacuum circuit breakers are usually employed here. It is because, for such voltages, the clearances between conductors and the space required for switches, circuit breakers, transformers, and others equipment become so great that it is not economical to install all such equipment indoor. Eaton’s medium-voltage ground and test devices are used to apply temporary grounding to the phase conductors of switchgear during maintenance and testing of the equipment. A fuse is a short piece of wire or thin strip which melts when excessive current flows through it for sufficient time. The term “switch” brings to mind a device that makes or breaks an electrical contact. [For more details, go through  What is a fuse and How it Works? As can be seen, switchgear is highly complex and needs to be given the fact that switchgear and protection must handle voltages that go as high as 350KV and currents in thousands of amperes. They include most of the substation equipment such as minimum oil circuit breakers, bulk oil circuit breakers, air magnetic, SF6 gas-insulated, vacuum, and gas-insulated switchgear. In order to interrupt such heavy fault currents, automatic circuit breakers (or simply circuit breakers) are used. GIS grounding and bonding typical rule: All grounding conductors should be as short as possible. We’re versed in NEC requirements for the bus bar. and the handling of low voltages in switchgear will be safely done by air circuit breakers and MCB, MCCB. Switchgear can be classified on the basis of the voltage level into the following. When a short circuit or overload occurs, the current through the fuse element increases beyond its rated capacity. 5.2.4 Racking Out Circuit Breaker Always keep the circuit breaker compartment door closed when racking the circuit breaker from one position to another while the switchgear is energized. Instrument transformers (current transformer and voltage transformer) are used in switchgear installations for the measurement of electrical parameters for protection and metering purposes. It is necessary to house the switchgear in power stations and substations in such a way so as to safeguard personnel during operation and maintenance and to ensure that the effects of fault on any section of the gear are confined to a limited region. These equipment are useful for the fast automatic restoration of supply following transient faults in the system. The tumbler switch with ordinary fuse is the simplest form of switchgear and was used to control and protect lights and other equipment in homes, offices, etc. Innovation in this field has resulted in the advent of two commonly used types, viz. Metal-clad switchgear can be characterized as follows: The primary voltage breakers and switches are mounted on a removable mechanism to allow for movement and proper alignment. That’s cool! The switchgear devices and their assemblies are used in connection with the generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion of electrical energy. What is Switchgear? There have been rapid developments in relaying technology during the last two decades. Tips to choose the right wire/cable for your home. Components of Switchgear. It is inserted in series with the circuit to be protected. 2)Connect all the leads that need to be grounded inside the switchgear A typical system has the power components and control system with a variety of safety and monitoring features. The term switchgear refers to a collection of various devices such as: All these components of switchgear may be contained in a suitable metal cabinet that is usually earthed for safety reasons. They include most of the, They may metal-enclosed indoor type, metal-enclosed outdoor type, outdoor type without a metal enclosure, etc. Thanks for sharing such a pleasant opinion, paragraph is fastidious, thats why A circuit breaker is one switchgear which can open or close an electrical circuit under both normal and abnormal conditions. This raises the temperature and the fuse element melts (or blows out), disconnecting the circuit protected by it. The switchgear assembly is secured on a true … Lightning arrestors, surge capacitors, surge suppressing reactors, and thyrite resistors with series gaps were used in the past for this purpose. One of the Largest GIS Vendors in the World. It also includes the combination of these switching devices with associated control, measuring, protecting and regulating equipment. When a fault occurs on any section of the power system, the switchgear must be able to discriminate between the faulty section and the healthy section. One of the most pivotal components of switchgear is a current interruption (switching) device, also called a circuit breaker. You might find various components in the same row, for instance, a vacuum breaker, an air-insulated bus along with manual switches. i have read it completely. Thus switchgear can include circuit breaker, current transformers, potential transformers, protective relays, measuring instruments, switches, fuses, MCBs, surge arrestors, isolators, and various associated types of equipment. Medium voltage switchgear is mainly used for the distribution of electrical energy connected to various electrical networks. There is no room for errors or choice of inferior quality components. We all are familiar with low voltage switches and re-wirable fuses in our homes. These types of equipment are extensively used in the continents of America and Australia due to their distinct advantages over conventional switchgear. Even in instances where a fuse is adequate, as regards to breaking capacity, a circuit breaker may be preferable. the low voltage switchgear consists of feeders, incomers, disconnect fuses , protection relays and ON/OFF control switches. However, such switchgear cannot be used profitably on a high voltage system (33 kV) for two reasons. Historically, spark gaps with air insulation were used as surge suppressors. According to OSHA 1910.269 and NFPA 70E, unless the bus is grounded and tested, it must be considered energized. High voltage circuit breakers (such as SF6 Circuit breaker or Vacuum Circuit breaker) are the main component of HV switchgear. The circuit breaker contacts are another switchgear component which are required to carry normal as well as short-circuit current. Learn about switchgear from switchgear dealers in Ahmedabad. Switchgear internal components Bus (busbar), circuit breaker, conventional relay, integrated relay protection device, measuring instrument, isolating knife, indicator light, grounding knife, etc. There also has to be provision for metering, controlling and data, wherein innumerable devices are used for achieving the switching function. Ground and Test Devices are normally used during the initial installation and commissioning procedures to make certain the equipment has been properly installed, during normal maintenance operations and for tests where the switchgear side of the circuit needs to be … Hi friend, good piece of writing and an excellent piece of information, I am actually enjoying by these. Application Classification of Switchgear Verify that the circuit breaker is in the “Open” position and check the indicator on the front of the circuit breaker. Only the best will do such as genuine L&T switchgear obtained from authorized switchgear dealers in Ahmedabad. BY OPENING THE BREAKER OR SHORT-CIRCUIT THE SECONDARY OF THE CURRENT TRANSFORMER. Switchgear and protection may be automated or manually operated though the former is preferable since the automated system detects overloads and short-circuits and immediately disconnects supply thus preventing a major hazard. The circuit breakers, isolators, transformers, bus-bars, and all other substation equipment occupy considerable space on account of large electrical clearance associated with high voltages. Apart from switching on and off electricity supply, switchgear must also control power to the load, detect overload conditions and have features to automatically trip, such as circuit breakers.

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