Electric Cooker Box Small Rice Cooker Double Layer


Color: White/Pink
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 300W
Layer: 2 Layers
Capacity: 2L
Product size: 278*155*202mm (10.9*6.1*8in)
Liner material: PP + White porcelain

Features and Benefits:
★ Food grade PP material:no harmful substances will be produced during heating, high-temperature resistance, health, and peace of mind.
★ 360° circulation flow:quickly heating, more uniform heat, and fuller rice.
★ Smart appointment function: Say goodbye to the fast-food era, prepare three meals for you in a busy life; smart touch: microcomputer intelligent control
★ Anti-dry function: When the rice lunch box encounters water shortage during the process, it will start anti-dry protection and suspend work.
★ Easy to clean:White porcelain liner, healthy, easy to clean ,easy to carry.



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